Monday, January 5, 2009

Drawing Graphics - Lesson 4

Drawing graphics is a powerful and fun feature of programming languages, and Run BASIC makes it easy to do this in a web application.

To do this we use the GRAPHIC statement to create a graphical object. Then we call methods on that object. The term 'method' is another way of saying a function that is tied to a kind of object. Once we've drawn something we can tell Run BASIC to embed the graphic into the web page by using the RENDER statement.

Here is a very simple Run BASIC program that draws a graphic.
'draw a graphic 200 by 200
graphic #pattern, 200, 200
for x = 0 to 200 step 10
#pattern line(x, 0, 0, 200-x)
#pattern line(0, x, x, 200)
#pattern line(x, 0, 200, x)
#pattern line(x, 200, 200, 200-x)
next x
render #pattern

Here is what the drawn graphic looks like!

Next lesson we will add a graphical drawing to our hypotenuse calculator.

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